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We can site manage, install, and support all your roofing projects and needs. If you’ve been putting off your new roof project due to concerns about cost, timing, or quality, then now’s the time to get it back on your radar. Miami Roofing is a dependable, certified roofing contractor in Florida and our goal is exceed customer expectations on every job. When it comes to roofing construction, new roof installation, or reroofing services, we are a leader in our industry. You can find us right here in the Faithful Miami Roofing Directory.

We know that choosing a roofer for your home or business can be daunting. But whether your roof needs repairs or you’re looking for a complete commercial, residential, or metal roofing system. Whether you need a minor repair or full roof replacement, we qualified in all aspects of roofing. We understand that your home is a major investment, and will ensure you are knowledgeable and comfortable throughout the entire roofing process.

Miami Roofing


Roofing Service Done Right

Faithful Miami Roofing brings over 20 years of construction experience and teamwork in commercial and residential remodeling of all types. Our team is comprised of tradesmen who have acquired a wealth of experience from some of the largest and most respected companies in the country.  The cheapest roofing contractor in Florida is not us. We do competitive pricing over any reputable roofer. Roofers who undercut roofing bid usually compromise on quality by hiring unskilled labor or neglecting part of your roofing system such as proper ventilation, flashing, air and water barrier, or attic insulation. Skimping out on your roof is the fastest way to devalue your home and rack up expensive restoration bills.